Revealed: Lisa Marie Presley, 54, Blew $100M Elvis Inheritance In 25 Years Leaving Only Graceland’ To Her Children

The $100 million Lisa Marie Presley, 54, inherited from her late dad, Elvis Presley is said to have been wasted in 25 years, leaving her children with only the Graceland mansion.

After her untimely death at age 54, Lisa Marie Presley’s three daughters will inherit the Graceland estate that formerly belonged to Elvis Presley.

She inherited $100million in 1993, on her 25th birthday, but later claimed the fortune had almost entirely disappeared due to mismanagement and bad investments with only  Graceland remaining.

A spokeswoman for the Memphis, Tennessee estate confirmed to People that Lisa Marie’s daughters Riley, 33, and Harper and Finley, twins who are 14 years old, will profit from the property, which is under a trust and was given to Elvis’ daughter after his death in 1977.

This emerges when information on Lisa Marie’s open memorial has been available.In accordance with a statement, a public memorial service for Lisa Marie will take place on Graceland’s front lawn on Sunday, January 22, at 9AM, as per ABC News.

Revealed: Lisa Marie Presley, 54, Blew $100M Elvis Inheritance In 25 Years Leaving Only Graceland' To Her Children

In addition to her father and other family members buried in Graceland, it had already been disclosed that Lisa Marie would be laid to rest there beside her late son, Benjamin Keough.

The 54-year-old, who was Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s only child, passed away last week after experiencing two heart arrests. Money woes still surround Lisa Marie; her fourth husband, Michael Lockwood, failed his attempt to have their prenup annulled during their divorce in 2016, but he resurrected the case in 2021 and demanded that she pay the $4,600 per month in child support that had been awarded. The case is yet to be finalized, and the state of her finances is quite hazy. 

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  Benjamin Keough, a son of Lisa Marie who had four children total—three daughters and a son—took his own life in July 2020 after a protracted battle with drug addiction and depression.

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